Ideas for Towing Your Motorcycle Across the Country

20 July 2016
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If you are moving far away and you want to take your motorcycle with you, you may not be able to drive it, especially if you have cars or removals trucks that you need to drive to your new location. Luckily, there are a range of ways you can tow your motorcycle, but unfortunately, if you typically drive your motorcycle and don't ever tow it, you may not be aware of all of the options. Read More 

A How-to Guide for Getting Your Broken Car Towed by Your Friend

23 June 2016
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Ideally, when your car breaks down, you will contact a professional towing service to get your vehicle from one location to another. However, if money is an issue, you'll be glad to know that your friend can legally tow your car, providing they follow the rules. This guide will help you get your car from A to B safely. Check Your Car Before you begin, you need to check that your vehicle can be towed without it incurring damage. Read More 

How to Protect Your Tow Hitch If You Do a Lot of Towing for Friends and Others

2 March 2016
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If you do a lot of off-roading, you may also spend a lot of time towing your vehicle or your friends' vehicles out of the mud. This can be hard on your tow hitch. If you want to protect your ball hitch and keep it looking like new, there are several tips that can help you. Take a look at these ideas: 1. Invest in a stainless steel ball. Ball hitches are made of a range of materials, and many of them are plated with copper, chrome or other types of metal. Read More 

What Should You Do While Waiting For Towing Services

19 February 2016
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When your car breaks down, gets stuck in mud or sand during off-roading or if you are involved in a minor accident and need it to be towed to a repair shop, you should be wary about certain things. Sometimes burglars may quickly take advantage of such situations, especially when you are stuck in a less populated area. In addition, you also need to keep yourself and the vehicle out of harm's way, especially when the vehicle breaks down in an area that can easily cause accidents, such as on a corner. Read More 

Some Questions You Might Ask About a Car Towing Service

8 February 2016
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Before you call to have your car towed to a nearby shop, you want to ensure that it will arrive safely and in one piece. Most tow truck companies are very careful with all the cars they tow and their drivers are trained in how to manage every make and model of vehicle. However, some vehicles may be more of a challenge than others and you should ask the right questions of a potential tow service if you own such a vehicle, and to ensure you save as much money as possible. Read More