What Should You Do While Waiting For Towing Services

19 February 2016
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When your car breaks down, gets stuck in mud or sand during off-roading or if you are involved in a minor accident and need it to be towed to a repair shop, you should be wary about certain things. Sometimes burglars may quickly take advantage of such situations, especially when you are stuck in a less populated area. In addition, you also need to keep yourself and the vehicle out of harm's way, especially when the vehicle breaks down in an area that can easily cause accidents, such as on a corner. For this reason, be prepared for the tow truck driver in the following ways. 

Moving Your Vehicle

If possible, when you realise any signs that your vehicle is breaking down, try to drive it safely as far as possible onto the shoulder of the road so that you are as far away as possible from the oncoming traffic. Moving it away to the roadside also ensures that the towing process will not be a hassle.

Turning Your Hazard Lights On

Turn on your hazard lights while waiting for the tow truck. This is because when you pull off of a highway or road, it can be very dangerous especially at night or when your car breaks down on a corner. The basic reason is so that the oncoming drivers can see you easily. If this is not possible, use the reflective triangles or cones from your emergency roadside kits. Having such informative signs will minimise accidents as well.

Collecting Your Stuff

Before the arrival of the tow truck, gather all your stuff and documents inside your vehicle that you will need after it is towed away. Getting your things from the car is also important since you may not know exactly when your car will leave the auto shop.

Ensuring Your Safety

For your safety, you need to stay inside your car and lock the windows as well as the doors, especially at night. This is a great chance for burglars so it is always a good idea to stay safe. In addition, when approached by motorists or any other person, be careful when talking to them and only open your window slightly to address them. Staying in your car will also keep you safe from the passing cars. After the towing truck driver arrives, ask for their identification to ensure that you are dealing with an accredited company.