Some Questions You Might Ask About a Car Towing Service

8 February 2016
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Before you call to have your car towed to a nearby shop, you want to ensure that it will arrive safely and in one piece. Most tow truck companies are very careful with all the cars they tow and their drivers are trained in how to manage every make and model of vehicle. However, some vehicles may be more of a challenge than others and you should ask the right questions of a potential tow service if you own such a vehicle, and to ensure you save as much money as possible. Note a few questions you should cover with the service company when you call if these apply to your vehicle.

1. Ask if a low-riding vehicle can be safely towed

If your vehicle is especially low to the ground, a tow service may need to ensure they bring a flatbed truck with a long ramp, so that the angle of the ramp is very low. This will keep the back of your vehicle from scraping as it's loaded onto the flatbed. A car towing service may even need to know the exact clearance of a vehicle when it's especially low so they can provide the right truck and equipment.

2. Note if your car is all-wheel drive and needs special equipment

In order to safely tow an all-wheel drive vehicle, a tow truck driver has to be able to lift all the wheels of the vehicle off the ground. If your car is an all-wheel drive vehicle, ask if they have the right equipment to keep it safe and tow it properly, rather than expecting only the rear wheels to turn alone; this type of vehicle too may be more safely towed on a flatbed than on chains.

3. Ask if it's better to let an insured vehicle go to a tow yard after an accident

Very often a car that has been damaged in an accident may need to go to a tow yard if the driver cannot arrange for repairs right away. This might be a good choice if it means that the insurance company will pay for the tow bill and also inspect your car for damages and coverage options more quickly. Your tow truck service company will often know who would foot the bill for a tow after an accident, depending on where the car is taken. Never hesitate to ask them if having the car taken to a tow yard before a repair shop is a better choice.